Things Do When Your Tree is Damaged by a Storm

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Checking the damage to your house is very important if a storm has made its way through your area. However, if not properly done, you can be putting yourself in even more risk. It does not matter what amount of tree damage has happened, it can feel daunting.  

After you contact a professional 24 hour storm clean up company, here are several things you should do while waiting. 

Search for Dangers Before You Do Anything 

Oftentimes, damaged trees can be tangled in affected electrical lines. You should not go near them or touch them. If there is no threat from utility wires, the first thing you’ve got to do is ensure there aren’t any possible safety threats: 

  • Protect your family and property from danger 
  • Search for hanging branches that can fall on your family or house. 
  • Have a professional arborist get rid of branches or trees that have fallen on your home. 
  • Have Utility Wires Handled Professionally 
  • Call your utility provider to have a professional check the possible risk and safely get rid of them. 
  • Treat every electrical wire as if they’re live. 

Check the Damage 

Oftentimes, the damage to a tree is minor with only tiny limbs affected. With the help of an expert tree service company, you should take your time to determine which trees you need to remove or trees you can save. Factor in the sentimental value, location, species, and age of a tree. Keep in mind that a tree can’t often be saved or simply is not worth it.  

  • Trees that you have to get rid include 
  • Trees tipped by the wind 
  • Trees with a split trunk 
  • Diseased trees 
  • Trees you can save include 
  • Trees that will be valuable and appealing after being fixed 
  • Trees with more than 60% of the crown intact 

Hire a Tree Removal Company for the Cleanup 

It’s common for non-certified individuals to knock on the door after a storm to provide tree cleanup services. They’re known for suggesting tree topping. For those who don’t know, this isn’t an ideal tree practice. That’s why always hire a certified and experienced arborist.  

  • You should not prune or top stormed damaged trees. This will make them more prone to damage in future storms.  
  • You can clean up small-sized tree debris on the ground. 
  • A professional arborist should perform major tree cleanup and repair. 

Avoiding Damage in the Future 

If you plan ahead, you can lower the risk of damage from future storms. Getting the help of an expert arborist is the ideal way to protect against possible storm damage. 

  • Try to avoid trees that cause damage in storms. These includes: 
  • Empress tree 
  • Bradford Pear 
  • Silver Maple 
  • Leyland Cypress 
  • Cottonwood 
  • Promote Excellent Branch Angles 
  • If the branches of a tree grow together too closely, either has adequate space to add the wood required for strength. Thus, getting rid of 1-2 branches if the tree is young can avoid problems in the future.  

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