How to Treat Damaged Trees

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Talking about tree damage can be a hard subject matter if you are a homeowner that has trees. You probably have invested a lot of resources in your trees. Seeing them damaged isn’t the best situation. 

Aside from taking steps to avoid tree damage, it’s also vital to diagnose tree damage issues. Not only do you have to figure out whether your tree is salvageable or not, but you might also have to figure out if a professional tree service in Charlottesville VA is needed for the task.  

Tree Damage Types 

A lot of areas of a tree can get damaged and influence the health of a tree. A couple of forms of damage to look for include: 

  • Damaged or Broken Branches or Tree Limbs 

If strong lightning, hail, or wind affects the branches of a tree, it might become damaged to the point where you have to get rid of it. 

  • Damaged Tree Roots 

This can particularly happen in construction sites. If this form of damage is not addressed, the tree’s lifespan can decline or shorten severely. 

  • Trunk Wounds 

Superficial damage and holes can still cause a lot of issues to trees. You have to carefully monitor them. 

  • Damaged Tree Bark 

It’s vital that the tree bark damage is seriously addressed, whether removed by a storm or a man-made accident. The reason for this is that bark is a barrier for the tree against disease and pests.  

Storm Damage 

Storm damage is a feasible possibility if there are trees on your property. You cannot avoid storms. It’s vital to be prepared to care for trees damaged after a storm, from lightning impacts to severe winds that cause limbs to break. Treating trees after storm damage is a vital step towards making sure the trees thrive and survive for years to come. 

Impact Accidents 

It may be the worst nightmare of a property owner. A car crashes through the property and does damage. An impact accident can result in the tree getting damaged, uprooted, or knocked beyond repair when trees are involved. It’s vital to get an estimate of how to treat the damaged tree. This will ensure that the tree can thrive and survive after the accident.  

Treating Damaged Trees 

You should begin by identifying what type of damage the tree has suffered and the issue’s severity. Are the bark and trunk damaged? Were tree branches broken? Answer to these questions can help you figure out your approach. 

It will probably heal a lot faster if the tree is younger or the damage is slight. However, older trees with exposed bark or major damage on the trunk need more attention. A couple of indications a tree will have to be eliminated include too much damage to the leafy crown of the tree, a split tree, or a tree that only has the trunk left. If this is the case for you, you have to hire a professional tree removal company to get rid of the tree safely. This is not a DIY job that you can do on your own.   

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